Endless Possibilities.

Enablement, Pain Relief, Pain Prevention

Overcome dexterity limitations, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, etc. via hands-free mouse control.


Gain an “extra hand” for controlling your equipment and other devices.

Field Support

Navigate through repair instructions and do on-the-fly problem solving using your HMD hands-free and voice-free.

Fire-Fighters, Soldiers, Security

Navigate unfamiliar and dangerous territories by navigating maps, etc. on your HMD hands-free and voice-free.

Medical / Surgical Applications

Navigate patient information (such as X-rays, medical records, etc.) while actively working on or with the patient.

On the Road

Control Car Infotainment & GPS Navigation system without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Manufacturing and Industrial Maintenance

Navigate through assembly and repair instructions using your HMD hands-free and voice-free.

Connected Home

Control entertainment centers, Smart TVs, & more, hands-free.

Learning, Performing & Enjoying Music

Change sheet music hands-free (while playing an instrument), Control media player, hands-free.


Execute various commands hands-free, Control your view by moving your head (like in real life)… Have an immersive experience.

Surf the Internet Hands-free

Precise control over cursor/pointer, clicking, scrolling, go forward/backward, etc. with hands-free gestures.

Call Centers

Gain an “extra-hand” while serving your customers, Encourage Customer Service Reps to smile more often.

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