Truly Hands-free

No waving or swiping required. Relax or free up your hands and arms.

Voice free

No need to say a word. Usable in quiet as well as noisy situations.


Achieve complete mouse control, without a mouse or touchpad.

How It Works

Patent Pending Percept-D™ Technology


Head motion or Eye Gaze



Smile, Eyebrow Motion, etc.



Pointer Motion, Clicking, Dragging, Scrolling & more!

Our simple hands-free gesture recipe can be implemented in multiple forms.

  1. In Head-worn Wearables: Percept-D™ can be embedded inside wearable devices such as smart glasses, Head Mounted Displays (HMDs) or phone/music headsets. In this situation, Percept-D™ can use the motion sensors (such as MEMS gyroscopes or accelerometers) and proximity or touch sensors that may be already present in those devices to detect user gestures.
  2. In Devices with Front Facing Cameras: Percept-D™’s can be implemented as computer vision software that runs on devices with front facing cameras such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, computers, etc.. Here Percept-D™ will monitor the user’s gestures via the front facing camera and provide mouse control accordingly.

Percept-D™’s simple gestures provide powerful hands-free, voice-free and mouse-free control, as follows.

  1. Control the wearable that has Percept-D™ inside. E.g. If Percept-D™ is embedded inside smart glasses or AR/VR Head Mounted Displays, the user can control those devices as well as the apps or games running on them in a hands-free fashion.
  2. Control other devices using the wearable that has Percept-D™ inside. E.g., control devices such as smart TVs, computers, tablets, smart home appliances, etc. using head-worn wearables (such as smart glass, BT headset, music headphones, etc.) that have Percept-D™ inside. In effect, when your wearable has Percept-D™ inside, it can act as a hands-free controller of other devices!
  3. Control devices with front facing cameras. E.g. when you load Percept-D™ software on devices such as such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, etc. you can control them hands-free using facial gestures captured by their front facing cameras. In this scenario, user is not required to wear any wearables to achieve the control.

CE Week 2014
Technovation Award

Perceptive Devices won this award for innovative execution of unique technological ideas. Their unique technology allows hands-free control of computers, tablets, phones, TVs, & more by means of simple facial expressions such as smiling.

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Cincinnati Innovates 2014
RocketCode Award

Perceptive Devices LLC won the RocketCode Web Development Award at the Cincinnati Innovates competition for its patent pending Percept-D™ technology.

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About Perceptive Devices

The original idea behind Percept-D™ was conceived by Mihir Parshionikar as part of his school science fair project. He thought it would be really cool and useful. Uday Parshionikar, his dad and mentor, agreed and decided to develop it to professional grade. We can now see how it can make a huge difference to millions of people with dexterity difficulties as well as those who need to work or play hands-free.

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